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The Charles Tait Photo Library has developed over the last 30 years and consists of over 100,000 images. Most work is now done on 6x7 Velvia, but 35mm is also used when more suitable as with Wildlife and Events such as the Kirkwall Ba' Game. Other formats used include 70mm panoramic, 5x5 and digital. The policy now is to place a large selection online. This will eventually comprise over 5,000 images available as 600x400 files for selection and design.

Until late August 2001 scans were sourced either from printer's drum scans or from a Nikon Coolscan (35mm) or HP flatbed scanner. A large selection are also available which were scanned on an Imacon Precision II scanner. With the availability of a new 4,000dpi dedicated film scanner all 35mm and 120 format images are now available to the same standard as the Imacon scans.

The thumbnail and 600x400 pixel images on this website are necessarily of low resolution and are strongly compressed to conserve download time. High resolution images are available by email, or on CD for bona fide customers. A service fee is chargeable for this service, and reproduction fees will apply for any usage beyond design and selection purposes.