Foula - "Island West of the Sun" lies 24 miles west of West Burra, and still has a small but tenaceous population. With its high cliffs (372m at the Kame) and a maximum heitht of 344m it is a dramatic little island. The small harbour at Ham is very exposed and the mailboat is hoisted out of the water when not in use.

Ruined croft at Harrier39990

The Kame from Soberlie 40164

Gaada Stack,
Foula 40170

Aerial view from
south 40330

South Ness lighthouse 40334

The Kame from Soberlie 40349

Ham with small boats 40828

Foula from E 42460

Foula from West Mainland 42475

South Ness lighthouse 42482

Foula from
Eshaness 8870

Gaada Stack 40166