Out Skerries lie to the east of Whalsay and about 10 miles from the Mainland. They comprise two main islands, Housay and Bruray, plus several smaller ones, including Grunay with its lighthouse. Skerries only covers 243ha and are famouus for their migrant birds in spring and autumn..

Battle Pund 3793

Skerries Harbour 37932

Out Skerries Lighthouse 37934

Out Skerries from Lighthouse 37936

Ward of Bruray 37940

Water supply 37945

Manse and Church 40094

Out Skerries
Marina 40096

Out Skerries Lighthouse 40339

Out Skerries Lighthouse 40344

Out Skerries Lighthouse 40739

Water supply 41088

Cairn 41091

Skerries Harbours 41626

Battle Pund 41627

Ward of Bruray 37944