Shetland has a number of major and minor lighthouses around its coasts. These include the North and South lights on Fair Isles, Sumburgh Head, Kirkabister Ness on Bressay, Out Skerries and Muckle Flugga. Minor lights on Foula, at Fethaland are quite recently established. The Ve Skerries, Ness of Sound and Mousa are additional locations.

Bressay 46014

Fair Isle North 41612

Fair Isle North 10952

Fair Isle South 31051

Fair Isle South 32762

Fethaland 36317

Foula 40334

Foula 42482

Muckle Flugga 26

Muckle Flugga 40223

Kirkabister 40415

Skerries 37934

Skerries 40339

Sumburgh 22198

Sumburgh 6130

Sumburgh 8873