Orkney Souvenir Guide V3.0

Further details

The successful Orkney Souvenir Guide edition 3.0 will be published during spring 2006 to coincide with the sales of the final copies of edition 2.0. The book is a sister publication to my larger Orkney Guide Book (now in its third edition), which has gone down very well and is selling well within Orkney, in UK and abroad as well as over the Internet.

The Guide is a handy reference for the visitor to Orkney who may not wish to purchase the main Orkney Guide Book, but which will be kept and used repeatedly. This makes it a unique and very attractive and long-lived advertising medium. Advertisements can be display type in which ever is the most appropriate part of the book, or listing type in the services section. All advertisers booking a quarter page size or larger will get free listings in the most appropriate services section(s) as well as on the Orkney Guide Book site on the Internet.

The fact that so many copies will be sold outwith area means that the book will be much used by visitors planning their trips, making the services listings even more effective. This has been very much borne out by feedback from previous Orkney advertisers.

Yours sincerely,

Charles Tait

Preview Pages

The book can also be ordered (e-mail charles.tait@zetnet.co.uk), or by fax, telephone or letter, directly from us for delivery on publication with payment by credit card (only debited on despatch).