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The Charles Tait Photo Library consists of a collection of over 300,000 images - the majority colour transparencies and digital images but also including many colour and black and white negatives, resulting from his work, mostly in the Scottish Northern and Western Isles, but also in many other locations in Scotland and further afield. Landscapes, Seascapes, Archaeology and Wildlife are particular interests. The selection of images online is a sample of what is available. Please contact us directly with any further requests.

Access to images Images can be accessed by clicking on the area of interest opposite, which will bring up a context-sensitive list relevant to the area or subject, together with a screen of thumbnails . Larger images, with captions, may be downloaded by clicking on the thumbnails. For areas not yet online please email phone or fax. Please note that we also have a password-protected area where larger images can be downloaded - click here to access.

Contents of the Photo Library At present representative images from the Orkney, Caithness, Western Isles, Shetland and Wildlife sections are online. Other sections will be coming online as they are completed. If you wish to be informed of developments please email us at charles.tait@zetnet.co.uk

What's New As new additions are made to the Photo Library, they will be announced here. Each year a lot of new work is added, mostly in the "home" areas", but also further afield. A selection of images of France, Italy, USA, Japan, Scotland and England will be online on our new site.

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